Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 days of {motherhood}

Well, I've decided to jump on board for the 31 days blogging challenge.
I'm always hesitant about doing such challenges because I often fail,
but this one, will be good for me (and I'll try to finish what I start)!
At first I couldn't come up with a single thing I could write about every day for 31 days,
but when I did come up with a topic, it hit me quickly.

I'm going to write about what I know and that my friends, is motherhood.
Now, that might sound like I have a big head on my shoulders, but I promise you I don't.
The truth is, I don't often feel like I know anything about being a mother,
but a mother is what I am no matter what!
That's why I chose this topic, but really I want to take it deeper than motherhood alone.
Really, I want these days to be 31 days of {enjoying motherhood}.
Yet even as I write those words I know I want and need it to be deeper than that.
These days, they need to be 31 days of enjoying {my children}.

That's what came to me quickly because lately I feel like I haven't been enjoying them.
Don't get me wrong, I love my babies with my whole heart,
but its so hard and I often feel like I'm in survival mode.
Honestly, I feel like a lot of feeling like I'm in this mode is because I'm pregnant.
Taking care of two toddlers, under the age of 3, with one on the way is exhausting.
But I don't want that to be an excuse anymore.
I want to enjoy motherhood and enjoy my children!
This won't always be easy for me.
It will involve a lot of slowing down, being patient, and praying.
It will involve so much more than I realize right now, but I'm up for the challenge.
This is something I so desperately need and I believe my children do as well!

I want to enjoy motherhood and my children!
I know that this is something so important to our lives.
Enjoying my children will make life better and fuller for all of us.

Want to join in on the 31 day challenge? There's still time!
P.S. I'll be posting all the links on this post, so you can find them all in one place!

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