Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 days {there will be bad days}

You cannot enjoy every single day as a mother or every single moment.
I've actually heard people say that motherhood isn't hard, that they always love it. 
I'm sorry I just don't believe it! It is the hardest job I've ever had! 
Like any other job you will have good days and bad days, 
good moments and bad moments. 

Its okay if you have a bad day.
Its okay if you feel like certain days are the worst days ever! 
Know that those bad moments don't make you a bad mom. 
The toddler pouring all the sprinkles all over the table. 
Or all of your pumpkin pie spice on the floor. 
The toddler screaming all day long for no reason other than she feels like it.
Or throwing herself on the floor. 
Those moments, they don't make you a bad mom.

Losing your cool and yelling at your child.
Or spanking them out of anger. 
Putting them in their room early for quiet time.
Sneaking to your room for just five minutes. 
Those things don't make you a bad mom either. 

I struggle with this so much. 
Feeling like a bad mom because they made a mess. 
Or because I feel like all I did was yell all day long. 
Feeling like I'm a bad mom because I put them in rooms early for quiet time.
Or because I just got so mad and completely lost it. 
The list goes on and on really. 
I could probably talk all day long about how I'm a horrible mom,
but I won't because it's not true. 

The truth is bad days don't mean I'm a bad mom. 
I love my kids with all my heart and aim to do what's best everyday. 
I cannot be perfect. They cannot be perfect.
But there's always love and that's what makes me a great mom! 

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  1. Thank you for saying this. Although we love our kids, it's still ok to say that a day was hard and that we can't wait for a better day tomorrow!


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