Thursday, October 17, 2013

31 days {don't freak out...too much}

^^^Hello mom! Hello Braden!...He loves fake phone conversations^^^

Oh, I can tell that this boy turning three is going to be rough. 
A little over a month and that's what he will be,
but I'm pretty certain he's already acting three and pushing all my possible buttons.

Like yesterday...
Yesterday he took all his clothes off during quiet time 
+ his diaper and had a little painting party.
It was disgusting and I was not happy that I had to spend more time cleaning, 
But I didn't want a smelly, gross room either.
Then, when I looked away during bath time, 
not only did he give his sister her second bath, 
but he poured at least two cups of water onto the bathroom floor. 
Which is carpet by the way. 

This isn't my only struggle with Braden. 
Most of the time he simply does not listen to me. 
He listens to his dad so well and that can be very frustrating for me! 
I love that he listens to his dad and am thankful for that.
Yet, I'm the one who is around him pretty much 24/7, 
so listening to me is rather important. 
We're also wondering if he just doesn't get some things. 
Whenever we ask him a question he just repeats it back to us. 
It usually goes something like this:
"Braden do you want a drink?" 
Stares at us. 
"Braden do you want a drink? Yes or no?"
"Yes or no." is his response. 
I feel like often he just repeats what we say to him.
I know he's definitely in the repeating stage, which can some times be comical.
However, other times it worries me. 
Maybe it is normal for his age. I'm unsure, but I hope we figure it out soon. 

As hard as this age can be I'm trying to remind myself how quickly it passes. 
I cannot believe its almost been 3 years since I saw his precious face for the first time! 
Time really does by fast and I know that all these moments are just stages. 
I'm reminding myself, in the midst of hard times, with both my kids, 
to just breathe and not freak out too much! 
I'm also reminding myself to "just parent". 
You see, that's the hardest part of being a mom for me. The actual parenting. 
It is hard to discipline. It is hard to tell them no. 
It is hard to direct them. It is hard to make them do what they are suppose to. 
There have been times (many many times) when I've sucked at that. 
I'm not the most consistent parent and I fully believe that's caused a lot of issues. 
So, as I go through this month of 31 days of motherhood
and am aiming enjoying my children more,
I am trying to constantly remind myself to breathe, not freak out too much, and parent. 
I know these things will definitely help me enjoy my kids more and they will enjoy me more as well! 

It isn't always easy, but its always my job! 

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