Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31 days {grasshopper chasing}

When we first moved into our home Braden hated the backyard. 
I guess he didn't hate it, but much preferred the front yard 
because there weren't any boundaries. 
I remember being out there at one point and he ran to the back of the fence, 
pointed to the crack in the fence and said, "Outside!" 
because he wanted to be outside the fence. I was frustrated because hello, 
we were outside and I had desperately wanted to have a backyard for him! 
He wasn't appreciating it, but finally he asks to go outside in the backyard. 
I couldn't be happier! 

Getting outside for us has always been something that is refreshing for us. 
It is a must for us, to get out in the sun shine and feel the breeze across our faces.
It was pretty cold yesterday morning, with a chilly breeze,
but Braden was asking to go out. 
So, I bundled them in their jackets and hats. Out we went! 
Of course, Maeva refused to keep her hat on, but I tried! 

Recently Braden has become interested in bugs. 
He's a boy, so is this something I should really be surprised by?!?
He loves to get close to them just to gaze at them, asking, "Where you come from?"
He even got his little sister into liking bugs! 

I noticed them by the fence and then noticed they were gazing at the bugs. 
As I watched Maeva I saw her reach her little hand up to the grasshopper and touch it. 
She kept on doing this and was so happy when they would jump. 
I couldn't help but chuckle because as much as Braden likes the bugs, 
he won't touch them, not one bit!
Maeva however had no fear and we walked the whole perimeter of the fence,
looking at bugs and making them jump! 

^^^ "Ooooh," she said after she made one jump off the fence.^^^

I'm so glad that they found joy in nature, in chasing grasshoppers. 
Its one of my favorite things to see them exploring, learning,
enjoying the little things. 
They may just be grasshoppers, but they brought a lot of smiles to our faces yesterday! 

Have you chased grasshoppers lately?
Or enjoyed the little things?
We need to do it a lot more because its makes our days a lot brighter! 

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