Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 days {doing what he loves}

When I chose my topic for the 31 days,
I didn't chose something where I was going to give tips.
I'm not really a tip kind of person because I don't think one tip works for everyone.
I chose a topic that was going to be more of a challenge to me.
I'll give tips throughout this month,
but really I'll just write about things that work for me,
things that I struggle with,
things that I love all in the name of being a mama.
And today's post will happen every once in a while.
Today's post is about doing something my child loves.

^^^He just HAD to eat an apple!^^^

I recently discovered that Braden likes to do things in the kitchen.
He loves to help make kool-aid. 
He loves to make cookies. 
He likes to pour flour and mix things. 
He has so much fun doing it, so I thought surely he would love to make carmel apples! 
Plus its fall, so really its just perfect! 

I told him, as I put him in his room for quiet time,
that we were going to make carmel apples after he rested.
He got super excited,
but really only understood the apple part because we've never done this before! 

The child is obsessed with sprinkles. 
He thinks they are the best thing...
(well, besides m&ms, ice cream, cookies, and anything chocolate).
I gave him the sprinkles and explained that he needed to put them on the carmel. 
He then poured a huge pile onto the plate and exclaimed, "THIS IS FUN!" 
I couldn't help but smile because there was just so much joy in his smile and words. 

These are the moments in motherhood I want carved into my memory. 
I want to remember doing things with my children. 
I want to remember what they love to do and choose to do it with them.
Yesterday it was doing something in the kitchen.
Other days it may be going to the park and going down the slide with them on my lap. 
There's so much they love to do and more they will come to love. 
I want to be there in those moments. 
I want to see their joy and experience it right along with them. 

but in these moments I do not struggle. 
In the moments of stopping and choosing to do something my kid enjoys, I find joy. 
In those moments motherhood is not a battle, 
but its a letting go and letting joy wash over. 
It is a beautiful thing and something I need to do a lot more of. 

I'm promising to do this more, whatever my children love. 
Sometimes it takes planning, sometimes it leaves messes, 
but the joy, it makes it worth all that. 
How can it not? I mean, look at his face. 
I can see how happy he was to have mom to himself, while sis napped. 
I can see how excited he was to be doing something with me. 
I can see how glad he was to be eating an apple and pouring sprinkles. 

We were enjoying one another and there is nothing I love more than enjoying my kids. 

^^^I took a few photos of us together and he kept asking to take more. Fine by me!^^^

What activities do your kids enjoy doing? 
What activities do you enjoy doing with them? 

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  1. I sure hope my children like to do things in the kitchen! And I also hope I have the patience to do it with them (I know I've struggled with that in the past when babysitting).

    So fun to see when you guys do these things - I love it!


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