Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 days {being brother & sister}

When I was first pregnant with Braden I wanted a girl so badly. 
I'm not sure why, but God knew what He was doing (of course!)
and blessed us with Braden first! 
One of my biggest joys in motherhood is 
seeing Braden be a big brother to his little sister. 
I look forward to seeing him grow into that role and have so many hopes for it! 
I hope that he loves them deeply, protects them, and is a constant friend. 
One of my biggest joys in motherhood, that I experience everyday, 
usually multiple times a day, is watching these two be brother and sister. 
There's something so special about the bond they share. 

They have a deep love for one another. 
I hear it first thing in the morning when Braden runs to her room to get "SIS!" 
He wants to climb in the crib with her 
and she starts giggling because she's just as happy to see him.
I see it when they play together. 
He'll hand her toys or call her over to look at the grasshoppers
(more like to touch it because she will and he won't).
I see it when she grabs ahold of his shirt and they walk around together, 
giggling and smiling. 
I hear it in his voice when he says, "Want to hug sis." and "Kiss sis." 
I see it when she gladly accepts those hugs and kisses. 
I see it when they are the floor wrestling and being silly together. 
I see it in watching them just be together. 

Their relationship isn't perfect. Oh, my goodness, it isn't! 
He hits and pushes her. He's too rough. 
She gets really mad at him and lets us know it by screaming. 
At times they need their space from one another. 
But I know that in their little hearts they are so happy to have one another. 
Their love for one another could make me weep because really, it is so special. 
I look forward to adding Sutton into the mix 
and seeing all three of them have a relationship. 
Oh goodness, cue the tears! 

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