Monday, October 28, 2013

31 days {painting pumpkins}

I still need to blog about carving pumpkins and how the pumpkin is no more, 
but today its all about something Braden loves instead! 
A few weeks ago I was at the grocery store and saw tiny pumpkins, 3 for $1. 
They were the perfect size for Braden to paint and I knew he'd be so excited
because the kid loves to paint and is obsessed with pumpkins lately! 

When I asked him if he wanted to paint a pumpkin,
he got so excited and started jumping up and down, saying, 
"Paint a pumpkin! Paint a pumpkin!" 
I love how excited he gets about things, even the simplest of things! 

I painted a pumpkin right along side him and we had fun for a whole 5 minutes. 
Things certainly don't last long with toddlers! 
I really try to throw all my expectations out the window when it comes to this stuff. 
It won't last long, it will be messy, and it won't be perfect! 
That's anything crafty with my son, at least! ;)

We still have one small pumpkin left, 
which I may let him paint soon or maybe melt crayons on! 
His grandma also gave us another pumpkin, so maybe we will carve that as well! 
I love the Holidays and am excited for the activities it brings. 
I cannot believe that Halloween is already on Thursday! 
I'll be sure to have some pictures of the kids in their costumes then! 

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