Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 days {keeping it clean}

This may seem crazy to some,
but in order for me to enjoy my kids, the house has to be clean. 
Now, I'm not talking about spotless because come on, I have two toddlers! 
That just ain't going to happen! 
But if the house is a complete mess I go a bit crazy.
I cannot focus if everything is a mess. 
If its a complete disaster...
than the only thing I'm thinking about when I'm not cleaning, is that I should be cleaning! 

I make time for my children everyday. 
We play outside, play with their toys, read books, sit together. 
If they need me, I'm there, but I also make time for cleaning. 
Having a cleaning schedule has helped me so much. 
Some times things do get crazy around here and the house is a disaster. 
There is always cleaning and organizing to do. 
There are always dirty dishes and laundry to catch up on. 
There are always toys all over the place. 
The kitchen floor always keeps to be swept and mopped,
even if I just did it 5 minutes ago! 
I'm okay with the little messes,
because honestly I'd probably get bored if there was nothing to clean.
But the big messes, I just cannot handle! 

I know that having a clean home is important for all of us. 
It not only makes me happy, but I think it makes my kids and husband happy too!
I know there's definitely a lot less stress when the house is mostly clean! 

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