Tuesday, October 29, 2013

31 days {less yelling + more quiet}

One of my goals throughout this whole 31 days of motherhood has been to yell less. 
I know its not something that I'm constantly doing,
but some times it feels like I yell a lot. 
Some days, some moments its really hard to not yell!
When the kids aren't listening, are fighting, are fussing and whining all the time...
it gets tough. 

This past month I've made more of an effort not to yell. 
It's taken really knowing myself and my limits. 
It's taken knowing something is going to make me yell. 
It's taken making the choice to NOT yell. 
I haven't been perfect at it and I probably never will be. 
But I feel like I've made some progress.
I feel better about myself as a mom and I'm sure my kids feel better too! 

I've also made more of an effort to get the kids down for a nap + quiet time. 
Maeva still naps, but Braden has given them up completely. 
I used to just let him be awake and out of his room,
but quickly realized that was a bad idea! 
This mama needs a break, so now he gets time in his room! 
It isn't always quiet and usually he destroys his room, but its time to ourselves. 
I'm realizing that its important and it helps me to not yell as well. 

Do you find it hard not to yell? 
Do your kids have quiet time? 
I know nap/quiet time is a very important part of my day! 

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