Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fourteen Months

Hi, I'm 14 months old! 
Don't I look so big? 
Mama says I don't look like a baby anymore, but a little girl. 
This makes her all teary eyed, not sure why. 
I think it's my hair. It just makes me look like a big girl! 
Speaking of my hair, pretty sure mama just loves it. 
Dada once said I needed a haircut, but mama said if he did that she'd be really mad! 
She just puts a bow in it instead, to keep my bangs out of my face. 
I don't mind the bow so much, but don't you dare try to put a headband on my head! 
I'll pull that baby right off! 
Some times I even pull the bow out. I just like to run my hands through my hair. 
Usually when I'm sleepy. It's comforting to me. 
You know what else is comforting? 
Waking up after bedtime just to have dada hold me. 
I mean, some times I want mama, but I just need my dada sometimes. 
He's cozy and better at getting me to sleep than mama. 
Did I tell you that I'm figuring out the stairs? 
I have been climbing up them for a bit,
but now I'm trying to get the hang of going down them. 
This involves falling some, but I am trying to get it. 
I can be a bit dramatic when I fall. Lots of screaming and crying. 
Speaking of being dramatic, you should see me at dinner time! 
If I don't want my dinner, I let you know it! 
I'll shove my plate away, I'll throw the food on the floor. 
Sometimes I'll even lay my head down on the table like eating is the worst thing ever. 
I really do like food, but it just has to be exactly what I want. 
I really like PB&J, anything with noodles, cheez-its, fruit snacks, and cookies. 
Fruit snacks really are the best. I could eat those all day, but my parents won't let me!
Oh, you know what else I love? 
GRASSHOPPERS! Not to eat, of course, but to play with! 
Brother is scared to touch them for some reason, so he always asks me to. 
Its no problem really. I like to talk to them and make them jump! 
A few other things I'm good at: waving bye bye and hi, saying mama and dada, 
shaking my head no, clapping, and screaming! 
Oh, and running away from mama. I think it's hilarious!
See you next month with another update!


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  1. This is the sweetest. She is so cute and getting so big, Kassie! How funny that she loves grasshoppers!


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