Wednesday, October 30, 2013

31 days {talking with a toddler}

One of the best things about toddlerhood is the funny things they say! 
Here are some of Braden's most recents funny thoughts! 

Comes out of our rooms, hands up in the air, "I'm freaking nuts!"
And recently, "Mae, you're freaking nuts!"
I'm working on him with this, telling him no one is nuts and its not nice.

Sitting at the kitchen table, while looking at me:
"I'm not happy!"
He totally got that from me when I disciplined him.

Whenever it is dark outside: "It's dark in there."

"Go outside?"
"Okay, what are you going to do outside?"
"I'm gonna look at grasshoppers!"

His nighttime prayer, that usually goes something like this:
"Dear Jesus, Thank You for today.
Thank You for Mom. Thank You for Dad.
Thank You for Sis. Thank You for Grandma. Amen."

Dad: "Braden you're funny!"
Braden: "I not!"
Mom: "You're a little stinker!"
Braden: "No, I not!"

After spilling some milk on the table:
"Oh no, oh no.... I spilled milk. Want to clean it!"
And then he got some peanut butter on his hands...
"Dirty hands. Wipe it off!"

Whenever I give him a granola bar:
"See chocolate. You see the chocolate?"
Kid is obsessed with chocolate, but I get it.

His sister is being fussy and screaming loudly:
"Sis is mad!"

When we got through the drive-thru at Starbucks Braden says, "COFFEE!"
He can also say "Starbucks!" which is super cute, but I feel bad that he knows that word! ;)

And for fun, here's a video.

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