Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 days {thoughts}

Well, today is the last day of the 31 days. 
I cannot believe how quickly time goes, how quickly this past month went by. 
I didn't fully complete the 31 days of motherhood, but I would say I did pretty well. 
Really though, it wasn't so much about posting for me, but really challenging myself. 
I knew I needed to enjoy my children more. 
I needed it and they needed it. 
It wasn't easy because motherhood isn't easy. 
I had good days and bad days. 
I figured out what works for me as a mom and what doesn't. 
I figured out ways to enjoy them that I hadn't really before. 
I succeeded and failed in a lot of areas this month when it comes to being their mama. 
And that is okay because it isn't about being perfect. 
Its about being stretched and learning, which I did a whole lot of! 
So thankful I did this challenge, for so many reasons! 

I'm going to try to do better at being their mama. 
It's not an easy job. In face, it's the hardest. 
But it is the biggest blessing even in the toughest moments. 
I love my kids so much and thank God every single day for them! 

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