Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween snapshots

Halloween has yet to be a huge deal around here yet. 
Really, its more for me than anyone else! =)
Its fun to dress the kids up and go a few places,
even if its only a friends and the grandparents. 

^^^"What's a train say? Choo choo!" - Braden^^^

I tried the costumes on the kids a few hours before we were going to head out. 
I put Braden in his Thomas which he was excited about because hello,
Thomas is just that cool! 
But he pretty much instantly said, "take it off!" 
I told him he could have it off for a bit, but that I was going to make him wear it...
because I'm mean! ;)

Little miss on the other hand seemed to take to her costume right away! 
She started running around and looking like such a cute little owl! 
Of course she tried to take it off multiple times throughout the night. 
They were both happy to have breaks when they were in the carseats. 
Carseats plus costumes don't work out so well. 
There was lots of taking off and putting on throughout the night. 

We stopped by a friends house for some Halloween fun. How cute are these sharks? 
My friend did an amazing job making them. Wish I was that crafty! ;)
These kids always have lots of fun together and am very thankful for them. 

We also stopped by both sets of grandparents, 
which I should have gotten pictures of, but didn't! 
There was lots of fun, giggles, running around and
too much candy that didn't even make it home! Darn!
Its not like we don't have two hugs bags that I was suppose to hand out, anyway! Whoops! 

How was your Halloween? 
Do you go out? Take the kids out?
I figure next year my two, especially Braden will want to go out! 


  1. Aw! Thanks lady! So glad you came! ...And sorry about the mud. Hope it wasn't all over the kids shoes!

    Also...if you think I'm should hear the fits I was throwing at my sewing machine. :P

  2. How CUTE! An Owl... oh that is just the cutest!


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