Monday, November 4, 2013

It makes me hold my breath

There's only a few weeks until this boy turns three. 
The days, some of them, they may be hard. 
He may not listen very well and he pushes my buttons so often. 
But he really is the sweetest boy. 
Always coming to me with his kisses and hugs. 
Asking me, "What does a giraffe say? What does a ladybug say?" 
and on and on with his questions about everything. 

As happy as I am watching him grow, learn, and become such a little boy...
It is hard... painfully hard, to watch your children grow so quickly. 
It makes my breath catch just thinking about it and tears spring to my eyes. 
I say to God, "Can't You just make time stop for a little while?"
And,  "Can't he just be little a while longer?"
But I know that isn't how it works. 

So, I try not to think about it for too long. 
It really does break my heart to watch him become a big boy. 
I know these years, they go by so quickly...
And every year, every child we have, seems to make time speed up. 
So, I hug and kiss him as much as he wants. 
I try to answer his questions, even though I may not know the answer. 
I listen to his little voice sing his Abc's
and smile when he claps for himself because he's proud of his accomplishments.
Mostly, I thank God that He gave me this boy as my son 
and that he will always be my baby no matter what.

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