Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This past month I've really been struggling with this space. 
Actually, I've been struggling with social media in general. 
It can take up so much time, when time needs to be spent elsewhere. 
I've been asking myself some hard questions about this blog. 

Should I quit blogging? 
Do my kids get too much exposure on the internet?
Should I make my blog private? 
Or maybe I shouldn't blog as much? 
Truthfully I'm still wrestling with these questions and feeling very unsure. 

I don't think stopping blogging all together is the answer for me. 
I enjoy it too much and its become an important thing in my life. 
However, the other questions, well, I'm just not sure about the answers. 
Especially because of Braden, Maeva and soon Sutton. 

I really started getting into blogging because of them. 
It truly is the reason for this space,
but some times I think about it a lot and start to worry. 
I don't think blogging about your children is a bad thing at all,
but maybe it should be different for us.
Which makes me think maybe this should be a private space. 
I'm not ready for that to be my final choice right now. Maybe later. 
I love sharing my life too much....
with family, friends, and even other bloggers who've become friends.
I also think that maybe, some times...
I write about things that may encourage or share about God. 
Those things are important to me, so I'll do that. 
But it will be different around here. 

This space is going to be more about going back to my roots, 
why I started blogging in the first place. 
My kids and tracking the important things, 
the moments I want to remember, and lots and lots of pictures. 
It is going to be for friends and family who really want to see what's going on. 
It is going to be for me... a space, a journal to write out the important things. 
That's why I started this space, that's what is most important to me. 
It doesn't mean I won't post about other things,
but I want them to be the real things, the life things...
Maybe I'll lose some followers. Maybe that means there will be a lot less posts. 
Maybe that means a lot of the other stuff just falls away. 
I'm really unsure of what it means, so...
I'm going to take it post by post and follow my heart. 

Do you struggle with this ever? 
I feel like I've read about it a lot lately. 
It is a hard balance, for me. 
I know some bloggers are awesome at it, but I'll probably never be that type of blogger! ;)

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  1. Please just promise that if you ever make your blog private, you'll give me access to it. :) I love reading your blog. Your posts are some of the most personal and I love reading about what's on my friends' hearts. I get it though, when I first started blogging I had a family blog and never expected that it would be what it is today. I've cut back on sponsored posts and am super picky about the ones I choose to do. I don't ever want my blog to be a a big ol' advertisement. Most people come to our blogs to read about real life and I feel like yours is very much REAL! Whatever you decide though, I'll always read. :)


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