Thursday, September 26, 2013

My biggest influence

When asked who has influenced my life the most,
its not hard to come up with an answer. 
There are actually two women in my life, 
who I would say have influenced me the most. 

Sarah and I have been friends since our freshman year of high school. 
I don't remember the exact moment we became friends, 
but I do know it was a total God thing! 
She reached out to me time and time again in high school... 
realizing that I wasn't in the best place. 
I was very much a depressed teenager, in need of so much. 
She saw this and is the one that led me to my relationship with Christ. 
She invited me to her church and her youth group. 
It changed my life and I fully believe, 
without a doubt, that without her I wouldn't have come to know God. 
I'll be forever thankful to her for that. 
Forever thankful that she's been my friend for so long. Loving me no matter what! 

Juliet, also a woman of God is another huge influence in my life. 
I met Juliet when I went to L.A. to work with the homeless on Skid Roe. 
We were instance friends and she has been there for me on so many occasions. 
We don't get to see one another a lot because she's now doing ministry in Thailand,
but she influences me across the miles.
I've never met anyone who loves Jesus and people the way she does! 
She has such a beautiful heart and such a strong love for the Lord.
It is truly amazing to see and influences me more than I can even explain. 
She was there for me in my darkest hours and spoke so much truth to me, 
even when I didn't want to hear it! 

I love both these women so much and thank God for placing them in my life! 

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