Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Talking with a toddler

Dad: "I want to take your picture in your new pjs from grandma."
Braden: "Okay, I stand against the wall." 
Because, I always try to get him to stand against the wall when I want a picture. 

Mom: "Come here Maeva."
Braden: Points at his sister, "Go to mom sis!"
Really, he just likes to boss his sister.

After I hear Braden dump my bottle of water into the bath water
Mom: "Braden, seriously?"
Braden: "Braden, seriously?"

Going to get Maeva out of the tub
Mom: Claps hands, reaches towards Maeva saying, "Come here Maeva!"
Braden: Claps hands, reaches dramatically towards his sister, "Come here Mae!"

Any time he thinks something is wrong or broken
"Oh no oh no oh no!"

Whenever he has a bug bite he will come up to me and say, "Itch it mom!"
He's had many on his bottom... "Itch the butt mom!"
I seriously can't even type that without laughing.

James likes to teach Braden to say things. So far he's taught him:
"Don't tase me bro!"
 "I'm OCD!"
And "What does Braden say?...I'm cool!"
Makes me smile because the kid just has no idea what he's even talking about!

"What's grandpa say?....CAKE!" Because grandpa has brought us cake many times!

"What's this?" all the time.

Braden got really excited as he saw Maeva climb the stairs for the first time.
While laughing... "Look at you! Look at you!"
Totally sounded like an old person.

I just love my talking boy. Makes me laugh every. single. day.

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