Monday, October 7, 2013

31 days {this is what I love}

It was Saturday morning, we'd just gotten our coffee
and decided to go on a short walk before heading back home.
The air was cool and fresh, the kids were more than ready to get out of their carseats
because well, they never want to be in them in the first place! 

We made sure the kids were warm enough and started walking. 
Braden always runs ahead of us. 
He stops to look at the trees or dramatically smell the flowers. 
It always makes us chuckle because it's really like he trying to smell it and remember it forever. 
Sometimes he sees a bug and he'll get right down to it and ask, "where you come from?" 
He's such a curious little boy. I enjoy seeing that so much. 

Maeva is just getting better at walking, but she's going so fast. 
She just doesn't know how to control her feet and keeps on falling over. 
Her "dada" finally scoops her up and she's happy because that means no more falling,
plus she can put her head into his chest and avoid the wind. 
She's getting sleepy so being held is more up her alley. 

We walk some more. We stop and look at the owl in a cage and then a hawk. 
Braden is so curious and thinks it is so cool to see the birds. 
He just loves to be outside so much, free to walk around and explore. 
I love it too and realize that we need this as a family. 
It is something we enjoy together, being out in the fresh air.
At the moments it seems like there isn't a care in the world...we're just enjoying each other and nature.
I looked at my husband and told him. "this is what I love."
And it is what I love most... just being with them. 
Being in the nature with my family, it fills me up and I feel so grateful. 

Is there something that fills you up as a mama? As a family? 
I'd love to know, so please share! 

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  1. It looks so beautiful. We areALMOST in walking-during-the-day weather. Almost.


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