Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorite Posts from 2014

I can't believe it's almost 2015.
The years just fly by, especially as a mama.
Today I wanted to take a look back of 2014 when it comes to this space.
Maybe you've been coming to my blog for a while now, maybe not.
Here are some favorite posts from this last year.
They may be favorites of my readers or favorites of my own.
Enjoy and I hope you'll stick around for 2015.
I'm sure there will be lots to share!

I love this before we were 5 and then we were five because there's beauty in both times.
We were blessed when we were a family of four,
but then our family grew and we are blessed so much more.
It's so fun to see your family grow and change!

Writing about friendship was something I wrote about a few times in 2014.
This post about losing a friend (and the lessons it taught me) was healing in a way.
Longing for mom friends was a post that a lot of other women could relate to!
I felt less alone knowing that and I think other women did as well!

Reflecting on life that has been painful, but beautiful because it led me here
was a post that was good for me to write. As well my battle with depression.
Other posts when it comes to hard stuff that got a lot of views were my posts about
my struggle in being vulnerable and my story not just being about me.

And so I prayed was a pretty popular post about
praying for the baby stage before Sutton was born.
The prayers I prayed are still be answered today,
I believe, because she's such an easy baby still!

As I head into the new year this post about
struggling as a stay-at-home mom is good for me to read again.
I wrote about how some days I just don't want to be mom,
but how I also want to be more present. It can be such a battle!
Five Ways I'm Not Failing As a Mom is also a good post for me to come back to.
It's so easily to feel like I'm always failing, but that's just not true!

When it comes to being a mama this post
about why I love co-sleeping got a lot of views too!
As well as this post about my kids
not wanting me to be any other mom, but me!

My coffee bar post was a big hit too along with my whole30 posts.
As I look back over these posts I realize that ones that people
were drawn to the most are the more personal ones.
This does my heart good in knowing that it's okay to put stuff out there,
to write from the heart, to be vulnerable.
I hope 2015 brings a whole lot more of that!


  1. 2015 is destined to be an amazing year! I can feel it! Thanks for sharing your post and by the way...your coffee bar is adorable!

  2. What a nice reflection piece. BTW, the photos of the kids are beautiful!


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