Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Co-sleeping and why I love it!

Let me first say, that I know co-sleeping isn't for everyone.
I totally understand that and don't make any judgments on those who don't.
So please be kind to me!

I never planned on co-sleeping with my kids.
It actually freaked me out reading about it,
simply because I was afraid I would roll over on top of them
or that they would suffocate, but I'm come a long way since having my first baby!

I didn't co-sleep with Braden.
He went from the basinett to his crib quickly.
With Maeva we co-slept for a little bit, but then she went into her pack'n play.
She slept in her pack'n play for a while until we moved into our house.
Then, she went into her crib and did great!
With Sutton, I didn't plan on co-sleeping either. It just happened.

Sutton loves to be close to me.
We tried to put her in a bassinet when we brought her home from the hospital.
However, she down right refused to sleep that way!
She doesn't like being swaddled either!
From the start the only place she wanted to sleep was on my chest.
Often, that's where she's been or curled up next to me.
She sleeps better this way, which means everyone sleeps better!
That's one of the reasons I love it so much!

Besides sucking her thumb, this is one of the main reasons,
I believe she sleeps through the night!
The other two didn't sleep through the night until they were at least six months old.
This girls been sleeping through the night since about two months old!

I also believe that co-sleeping has played a huge part in how happy Sutton is.
She is always smiling and rarely ever cries. This was not the case with the other two!
I think she feels more secure because she knows I'm close.
She has me whenever she needs me to cuddle with or eat (if she does wake up).
She also goes back to sleep way easier!
I'm amazed by it all and wish I had co-slept with my other two when they were babies.

I know co-sleeping isn't for everyone.
Not for every mom, or dad, or even baby.
I'm glad that Sutton likes to be close because babies grow so quickly
and I know she won't always want to be held and cuddled with.
For now, I cherish it so much!

Do you co-sleep?

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  1. I did with Emma out of necessity, and with Audrey by choice. I LOVE IT!!


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