Friday, May 30, 2014

Four months

I just want to cry over the fact that she's four months old today. 
I can't believe two months from now she'll be half a year old.
Time goes too fast, I tell ya! 

STATS: I'll know on Monday when she has her doctor's appointment. 
All I know is she's a chunk! But we love it and I want to eat her every single day.
We comment on her chunkiness a lot because there are just soooo many rolls! 
We think it's the cutest thing ever!

LIKES: Drinking Milk. She prefers one side over the other.
Smiling and talking, A LOT! Her smile can brighten anyones day!
Watching tv! Whenever its on she turns to see it.
Sitting on her mama's lap.
When daddy and mama talk to her. Or when anyone does.
Her thumb. 

DISLIKES: Honestly, I'm feeling like there aren't a look of dislikes.
She is just such a happy baby. 
She only seems to dislike being put down when she doesn't want to be.
Or her carseat, at times. This has gotten better. Thank You Jesus!

How's she eating? I would say she eats about every 4 hours during the day.
Sometimes more. Depends on if she's extra hungry or just wants comfort. 
I've worried a bit about my milk supply, 
but she seems to be doing well, so I gave up worrying on that!

How's she sleeping? Girl is AMAZING! She takes 2-3 naps a day. 
She also sleeps through the night every single night.
There's maybe been 2 nights where she's woken up to eat and then snuggle.
She sleeps in her swing often, but sometimes ends up in our bed
She wakes up early sometimes, but usually around 8 or so. 
Either way she usually goes back to sleep after I nurse her. 
This is such a huge blessing and I am so thankful at how well she sleeps.
I'm hoping it means I won't ever have to do cry it out with her because I just can't!

Other things: Sutton holds her head up so well. 
She's had great head control for a while now.
She smiles so much. It's pretty darn constant and her whole face just lights up. 
I can't say enough good things about her. She's wonderful. 
Love everyone and everyone loves her. She's just so precious.
Thank You Jesus for blessing us with her and her siblings! 

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