Tuesday, December 30, 2014

11 Months

There is no way this girl is going to be a year old is just a month! 
It is not allowed! Nope, nope, nope!!! 
With my other kiddos time went fast, but with this girl...so much faster! 
She's still such a delight and I pray that she's always that way. 
She'll be what she'll be though and we'll love her none-the-less. 
She's just such an easy baby! 

She's 20 pounds and that's all I know for sure!
She's heavy and long for sure!

Eating anything and everything. Girl can eat! 
Music. She starts dancing and it's about the cutest thing ever.
She loves Taylor Swift's Shake It Off. She starts swaying and throwing her hands up.
Crawling up the steps. She crawls up all of them 
and if you say her name she starts going faster and giggling. Adorable.
Toys that make noise.
Seeing her siblings in the morning. She is so happy to see them!
Being held by mama and daddy now too! She'll reach for him now!
Chewing on everything.
Standing up without pulling herself up! She is so close to walking!
She can walk if you hold her hands, but gets confused if you let go.
She'll just fall forward.

Not being held for too long.
Being put down to go night night.
Having a full diaper. Just change me now!
Waiting to be fed.
Being held when she's so sleepy. Then she just wants to be in her pack'n play.
Other people holding her other than mom and dad. She kind of freaks out.
Especially if she can see mom and someone else has her!

How's she eating?
She still nurses a lot and I have no intention of stopping just yet.
The longest I've ever nursed a baby was 13 months, so we'll see how long she wants to go.
I'm sure some people will have a few things to say about that! :P
She eats lots a day - multiple snacks and three meals.
She still loves her sweet potatoes and pancakes a lot.
She also enjoys lots of fruit - bananas and blue berries the most!
She just shoves em in her mouth!
She eats peanut butter and jelly as well and loves mac'n cheese.
Such a good eater and will pretty much eat whatever you give her.
Loves to drink water too and refuses to put her food down to do so.
Often she has food in both hands and picks up her zippy cup with her wrists.
It's so cute! Glad she loves to drink water so much!

How's she sleeping?
She's been sleeping so well lately (except the night she wasn't feeling well).
She tends to still stay up later than I would like, but not past our bed time or anything.
She cries for a bit when we put her down, but is usually okay once she finds her thumb!
She sleeps through the night and usually ends up sleeping til around 10am.
She takes one afternoon nap and then usually a short one in the evenings too.
A good sleeper! Nothing I can complain about really!

Other things:
Poor girl hasn't been feeling well.
I think she may have picked something up on Christmas.
She had a fever of 101 to 103 for a day, then it went away, and came back.
She was so warm and I felt awful for her!
She really is never sad and rarely cries, but it's all she did!
I nursed her pretty much all night and got very little sleep.
I'm not sure what was wrong, but she seems to be better now.
Her fever is gone, but I think maybe she still doesn't feel 100% now.
She may be getting teeth though, so maybe that's why she's being a bit fussy now.
She's still super easy to take care of, even sick. Really just wants to be held.
Did I tell you she's said her first words? I'm pretty sure her first word ever was "HI".
She also says "DADA" and possibly "MAMA",
but I think that's only when she's really upset.
I couldn't really tell if she was actually saying my name or if it was an accident.
She's so cute and as sad as I am that she's growing so fast,
I do look forward to celebrating her in a month!

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