Wednesday, April 23, 2014

And so I prayed

If you're a mama then you know that the newborn and baby stage can be rough. 
Maybe it hasn't been that way for you, but for us, it always has been. 
When we had our first we had no idea what we were doing. 
I remember even before having him, I was scared to bring him home from the hospital.
Scared I would hurt him. Scared I wouldn't know how to take care of him. 
Scared something would happen to him in his sleep. On and on the list goes. 
But you know what I hadn't really thought a whole lot about? 
How much a newborn cries. Oh my goodness! He cried so much. 
Mostly because he needed things.
He was hungry, tired, needed his diaper changed, wanted to be held. 
Sometimes though, he cried for no reason at all. 
It didn't matter what my husband and I did, he still cried. 
It was hard... hard on us individually, hard on our marriage at times. 
Having a baby does that. Listening to a baby cry pretty constantly REALLY does that. 
I'm pretty positive that listening to a baby cry and not being able to comfort them, 
could make a person absoultely crazy. I'm sure of that! 
Maeva was the same way. 
I feel like she's just now starting to get over it.
Of course, it's not really crying anymore. Screaming was more her thing.
That girl has lungs like no one I've ever heard before.
She can scream and it makes you wonder if you're going to lose your hearing. 

When I got pregnant with Sutton I feared all of this. 
The fear pretty hit me right away.
I didn't want another baby that cried and screamed so much.
I expected though, that it would just happen that way.
So, I hoped we'd be able to deal with the crying better.
I started praying right away and did so throughout the whole pregnancy.
I prayed for a happy baby and one that cried not as much.
Mostly though, I prayed that my husband and I could handle the crying,
that it wouldn't be as hard, that it wouldn't make us feeling like we were going to lose it.
And you know what?
Prayer does amazing things.

Sutton is going to be three months old soon.
From the very first moment I saw her, she was different.
She is our calm baby and I am so thankful for that.
When she's cries I know there is a reason for it,
there's none of this funny business of crying for no reason. ;)
If she's crying she's either hungry, tired, wanting to be held, or hating her carseat.
Otherwise she's the happiest, sweetest baby I've ever laid eyes on.
She's smiled at us since before she was a month old
and continues to surprise us with how much she smiles at us!
She is full of so much joy and because of that fills us with so much joy.
I'm truly happy to be her mama, as I am to all my babies.

I'm so glad I prayed for her and for us in this specific way.
I know that it truly made a difference.

Did you pray any specific prayers for your kids before they were born?
Do you think they made a difference?


  1. Sweet. Thanks for sharing. I have been praying for a girl-with-Jack's-temperament since I got pregnant...she's a girl, we'll see if she is like Jane or Jack ;) Seriously though, going to pray for lots of those same things. I feel much more capable of handling a fussy baby now, than when it was my first, but it is still really taxing.

  2. Yep, I get it! I get being worried about taking baby home, then having baby cry and not knowing what to do... It just kills you as a mother. I definitely pray for specific things related to my daughter. I do believe it helps. You have to in order to get by. A little faith is all it takes sometimes.


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