Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hello! I turned 20 months the other day!
Don't I look so sweet? I have my moments for sure. 
Lots has been going on for me the last month or so. 
I'm becoming such a big girl, looking more like a little lady, rather than a baby. 
I talk in sentences now and I know that makes everyone much happier
because now I can actually say what I want instead of just screaming about it. 
I say things like, "I want a dink (drink)!"
"I want a bar (granola bar)!"
"I want dad! I need dad!" 
Of course I still say no a lot, which sometimes actually means yes.
I haven't quite figured out how to say that word yet,
but I know mommy and daddy wish I did!
I really enjoy anything that my brother enjoys. 
Like care bears and frozen. We love those. 
They are so fun to watch together! 
I also like playing with his trains. 
Sometimes he's okay with it, but other times he tells me to leave his room
and to not mess with his trains. 
That hurts my feelings and makes me cry a lot.
Mom says he just wants some alone time. 
Maybe I will understand that eventually.
I also like to play with balls, blocks and read books. 
Shoes, hats, and purses can be fun as well.
Speaking of that, some days I like to pick out my own clothes.
I picked out this dress today because I thought it was pretty. 
Other things I enjoy are trying to drink out of a water bottle,
playing in the cabinets, making messes, and going on walks in the stroller.
OH, I also like to kiss baby sister. Kissing is my favorite. 
I even gave brother a kiss when he was upset about going to bed the other night.
I'm a comforter for sure! 
I think that's all I have to share today! 
I'm off to make another mess for mama to clean up! ;)

And here are some of my not so sweet moments just because....


  1. Awww what adorable photos!! I feel bad saying she's so cute when she's crying but she really is!

  2. What a fun way to document what your kiddos are up to!

  3. look at those crocodile tears :)


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