Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Health: It's more than just about food, it's about my spirit

I pulled out the veggies I needed to make my salad for the lunch.
The spinach, carrots, tomatoes, carrots and as I started chopping them,
I heard the lyrics from the Pandora station...

And I will worship You Lord 
Only you Lord
And I will bow down before You Lord
Only you Lord

Instantly tears welled up in my eyes and a sob caught in my throat.
I stood here in the middle of the kitchen making myself a salad,
like its the healthiest thing I could do for myself.
Yet, as I heard those words, I also heard the truth in my heart.
My health, it's more than about food. So much more than about food.
It's also about my spirit because I can feed myself physically,
but if I don't feed myself spiritually than I'll never feel completely healthy.

I know deep inside me that I need to open my Bible everyday.
It is one of the things I've wanted to be intentional about this year.
The truth though? I often just think about reading the Word and don't actually do it.
I started off doing well this year, telling myself I would read the whole Bible in a year
with She Reads Truth, but then I got behind and I kind of just gave up.
I'm the type of person that feels like if I can't do something well, I just don't do it at all.
That's what's happened here even though I know it's not about being perfect.
He doesn't call us to be perfect. He calls us to just come to Him.

My heart knows that it needs The Word.
My soul longs for it and I am so good at depriving myself of it.
I could give you a list of excuses (that are real and true), but He wants us to walk with Him
regardless of it all and I've been running away from it lately.
I know though, that even though I eat a salad daily for lunch
and I try to skip the ice cream,
that those things aren't enough for this tired, exhausted mama.
The healthier thing I can do for my body and soul is go to The Word.
It fills me with more peace than anything else ever could.
So in order to get back to being healthy spiritually tomorrow I start waking up early,
before the kids, before my husband, but not to tackle my to-do list,
like I'll feel the urge to do,
but to feed my heart and mind with God.

I know it will do my body, mind, and soul some good.
Not to mention I know my days will go much better
having some time before everyone else wakes.

Do you struggle with this?
What have you found that has helped you?


  1. Being consistent in spending time with God is something I really struggle with. I have spurts where I'm totally on it and then I fall behind. Starting back in January I began Streams in the Desert and I read it nightly before bed. It's a small step, but I've been consistent in it so hopefully that will encourage me to follow through.

  2. This is so beautiful. Love it. Praying for you.

  3. Ok, I don't even eat healthy at all. BUT I love that mason jar cutting board!!!!

  4. Hi friend, I too struggle with this. For me, it's hard to find the time to spend in the Word. Sometimes, when I have a moment, I'll open my She Reads Truth App and go to the day it is on the 365 day plan and read that scripture inside the app. I know I'm terribly behind, but it's not about that. It's about taking a moment and spending it with Jesus and being filled by His truth. He doesn't keep score and we shouldn't either. So yes, you are not alone - this is a common struggle. I'm right there with you! Praying for you. Hugs & love - p.s. Can't wait to see you this next week. :)


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