Friday, March 6, 2015

Favorite Reads

I used to share favorite blogposts I had read throughout the week. 
I hadn't been spending a ton of time reading them however, so of course, I stopped.
However, I'm a big fan of supporting other bloggers (and being supported - duh), 
so I've started getting back into reading 
and want to start sharing some favorites posts on Fridays. 
If you want something to read go ahead and check them out! 

Just Do It really spoke to me because I often fearful that I am waisting time. 
She had some really good goals and tips for acheiving them. I definitely need to write my own list! 

How To Find Community In Motherhood had me at the title.  
Finding friends/community is a huge struggle for me! I need all the help I can get ;)
I really appreciated the idea of reaching out to others 
because they aren't necessarily going to reach out to you!

Quick To Listen & Slow To Speak of course grabbed my attention right away
because I definitely want to be that type of person! 
Its a great post about mastering our thoughts and gives 12 tips to do so. 
This is definitely something I need help in doing, so I'm going to give these tips a try.

What Did You Do All Day? is spot on when it comes to do all the things that moms do 
all day long! It's about so much more than our to-do list! It's the little and small things we do in motherhood. I really loved this! 

Quit Being So Grateful is a post I really, really love! You know you want to read it 
just because of the title don't you? It speaks truth to the fact that just because Christians
are "suppose to be joyful" all the time doesn't mean we shouldn't be honest 
about how we are really feeling! This spoke good truth to my heart! 

March goals is another goals post, but I had to share because there were some awesome
goals, but also some amazing ways to make sure she was accomplishing her goals!
I especially loved how she tracked her screen time. I must do that! 

Those are my favorites from this week! 
Did you have a favorite blog post from this week? 
Happy Friday friends! 


  1. Those are all great posts! You should link up with our Weekly Round-Up on Sunday! You don't have to post on Sunday, you can add the link from any day of the week-but that's exactly what we do is share the posts we love to support other bloggers!

  2. Loved Just Do It! I find myself wasting time by wasting more time. I finished Lara Caseys book last month and loved it. I'm trying to be more make it happen and less make a dent in my couch cushion haha.


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