Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Five months

Sutton's five months old! 

STATS: Unsure, but man is she heavy! No doubt in my mind she's grained a pound or two! 
I'll know when I have her next appointment and maybe this time I'll actually update this post! 

LIKES: Being held all of the time. Rolling over onto her belly and practicing sitting up. Chewing on toys. Snuggling and drinking milk. Smiling and laughing, which is new! 
Still loves her thumb so much.

DISLIKES: Being put down. It often makes her cry. 
When her siblings are too loud. 
At times it makes her jump and cry (I'm sorry, dear girl)! 
Being sleepy. Just makes her cry, cry, cry! 
That's pretty much it. 
She's still the best baby ever, but has been a bit more fussy and upset lately. 
I think it's a growth spurt.
It's been hard for me because I'm not used to her crying or fussing as much. I'm also not used to her just wanting to constantly be held. That's okay though because she won't be a baby forever! =(

How's she eating? She's been eating a lot more lately. I think she may be teething just because of faces she makes and the constant chewing on her toys or clothes! She only really nurses on one side. I offer both, but she has prefers one side over the other for sure. She eats more at night, which leads me to...

How's she sleeping? 
She's been waking up a lot at night these past few days. 
Just wanting to eat a little bit and be held. I think she just wants some mama comfort. 
Goodness though, it's making me oh so tired! 
I'm sure she'll go back to sleeping through the night soon!

Other things: Girl is a chatter box! She's also making some funny faces, that I'm not to sure about! I think if she's getting teeth, that may explain it. She's still the sweetest thing ever! We are so thankful she's apart of our family! A blessing for sure!

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