Monday, July 7, 2014

Life Lately

Last week my husband was on vacation, so I wasn't around here much. 
I don't think that's a bad thing because so often I am way too caught up in social media. 
It was nice to take a break from blogging and just live life with worrying about it.
I did blog about Sutton turning Five months old if you want to see her being adorable! ;)

So, what else have we been to this past week?
Lots, for sure! It was definitely a good week for us!

The biggest thing for us last week was starting the #whole30 challenge. I had been reading the book "It Starts with Food." and really felt like it was something I needed to do. No sugar. No dairy. No grains. It's been really good for my husband and I! We spent much of our time grocery shopping + cooking last week. I'll post more about this sometime this week. Maybe even tomorrow! 

We also spent sometime outside. James finished the kids play set and now there's not only a slide, but swings + a telescope + steering wheel for the toddlers to enjoy! We also did something swimming in our pool. Mae was not a fan, but Braden loved it! Also, took a walk in a local park. It was a beautiful day, 72 degree weather and it left me wishing that everyday was so nice. Fresh air always makes everyone feel better! It leaves me so refreshed for sure!

I had some alone time. It wasn't a ton of time, but being able to go into a store completely alone was so nice! It doesn't happen often! I bought some clothes and enjoyed walking around without crying toddlers + a baby. I also napped some and started journaling again.

We hung out as a family. Just really enjoying doing much of nothing. 
We visited with James' parents and my own. 
We dealt with crazy kids who seemed to be extra fussy + crazy last week. 
That was unpleasant and left us feeling crazy much of the time. 
I'm so glad I had my husband to help because I couldn't have done last week alone!
I also went to the dentist and received some crappy news!
My teeth have also caused me issues, but after getting pregnant + having babies, they've been even worse!
There's lots of work to be done and on top of that I have an awful rash that I just want to be healed of. 

That about sums up last week. 
I was sad for it to end because 
I really enjoyed my husband being home + spending time as a family.
It doesn't happen as often as I would like! 
I'm still thankful though! 
And praying that these week is a good one!

What have you been up to?
How's life been for you?

Want to see more of my week?
Instagram is always a great way to keep up + connect with me! 


  1. Hope your rash goes away soon! It looks so painful!

  2. I was blog hopping yesterday and came across your site, and now I can't remember which blog brought me here, but Im glad it did :) I've read through a few posts and Ive enjoyed them! hope you don't mind if I stick around :)

    Looks like a lovely week! Sorry it's over!

  3. Can I just tell you that having children ruined my teeth. Ruined. I've had so much dental work since having kids it's crazy. Plus last year my dentist told me my lower jaw is shifting and I may need braces. Seriously?
    How are you doing on whole 30. I pretty much eat a whole 30 diet all the time since I'm allergic to everything. Let me know what you think. I've got some recipes plus Practical Paleo is a great resource.
    Happy Tuesday.

  4. husbands being home is the best! I really loved these last two weeks traveling with Greg - getting to spend 24/7 together. I'm not ready for him to go back to work yet and I am going to miss having him around!


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