Friday, June 27, 2014

A Summer Night

Last night after the kids' daddy got home we sat outside for a while.
James watered the plants and the kids ran around like the crazy little people they are.
As I watched them run around, giggling and smiling, I decided to grab my camera.
I wanted to capture their happiness and remember summer nights like this one.
Where the night is so much cooler than the day
and the happiness much more present because both parents are home,
because they get to run free in the front yard, just having fun.

I usually have my iPhone attached to me all the live long day, 
but tonight I left it inside, not worried about it at all. 
I wrote the other day how I want to document more of life here on this space
and that's what I did last night. I'm so glad I thought to grab my camera.

^^^not the most flattering pics of me, but it's about the moments, so whatever^^^

Braden gets in these silly moods sometimes.
They are hard to contain and usually make me feel crazy.
Last night though, it involved his arms around my neck  and lots of giggling.
He had me laughing so hard at his silliness and I'm glad I captured it. 
Usually he's moving so much that photos like these just don't happen. 
Maeva, however wouldn't stick around. 
She was running all over the place, squealing happily. 
I'm glad for these moments. 
These moments where they can be crazy, wild, and free just enjoying life.
It may have just been us sitting in the drive way.
It may have just been the kids running around, crazy wild, 
but they were enjoying life. 
And I was enjoying watching them enjoy life. 

I'm being reminded that moments like these should happen more often.

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