Thursday, June 26, 2014

Twenty Two

Hello! I'm twenty two months.
I'm inching closer and closer to being two years old
and I'm pretty sure mommy and daddy are freaking out about it!!!
They really feel like I'm pretty darn grown up for my age. 
They are always talking about how brother wasn't talking as much as I am, at my age. 
I just try to act like him, is all! He's taught me a lot!
I talk in sentences now and pretty constantly. 
A lot of what I have to say is about wanting something.
"I want drink!" 
"I need bar!" 
"Mommy, I need show!" 
"Where's daddy?"
"Where's brother?" 
I know what I want and I'm not afraid to tell you! 
I also ask for help a lot. 
You see this play set I'm on? Daddy just finished building it for brother and I.
I can get up there all by myself, but I can't get down. 
I sit at the top of the slide or climb all the way up to the top level and then I yell, 
"Help mommy! Help!" and wait and wait and wait. 
Mommy and daddy think I'm just being stubborn. 
They are pretty sure I can do it. I mean, I go down any other slide. 
Mommy has to come up and get me, then I hide in the corner and laugh. 
She puts me on her lap to go down the slide and I just giggle. 
I have no idea why they would possibly think I am being stubborn! ;)
I still have a lot of sass in me and it probably isn't going anywhere.
This frightens my parents a bit (or a lot) but I'm sure they will learn to deal with it.
Recently I've started to get really into baby dolls. 
I always "need a bay-be." 
I pretend to put them to sleep or tell them to go to sleep.
I like to point out when babies are sleeping to, in books
or when my baby sis is asleep in her swing.
"Baby sleep!" I say. 
I like to kiss and hug my babies. Oh, and my sister too! I can say her name as well. 
Sometimes it all runs together, but my parents understand what I'm saying. 
Really, that's the biggest thing going on these days. 
I talk a lot and have a big attitude. 
Hopefully the attitude simmers down just a tiny bit.
Not sure how much more my parents can take. 
See ya next month!

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