Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thankful for him

^^^photos taken by a family friend. thank you!^^^

Being a wife and mother is hard, but so is being a dad! 
I'm feeling thankful for this guy today... 
the roles he has in my life as my husband and as the kids dad.
I'm thankful that he's loved me from the beginning, despite me trying to not let him ;) 
I'm thankful that he stood by my side after I got pregnant with Braden. 
You know, a lot of guys wouldn't....they'd run.
But he stood there, still telling me he wanted to marry me. 
Yep, he was telling me he wanted to marry me before that.
I thought he was crazy. I thought it couldn't be true, but it was. 
I'm thankful that he's put up with me through all the ups and downs. 
There's been lots of those, but there he is still firm by my side.
I know he'll always be there and love me no matter what. 
He still loves me regardless of my faults, regardless of how un-kind I can be. 
That's a lot to be thankful for!

^^^such a happy bunch!^^^

I'm thankful that he works so hard to support us. 
To give us things we need, but also things we want.
It's allowed me to stay home with the crazies and I treasure that! 
I'm thankful that he's present in our kids lives because as I know, 
and many of us do, not all dad's are their for their kids. 
He loves them more than anyone ever could and was made to be their dad. 
I'm glad he's here for the good and bad times wit them, for the crazy times. 
I'm so happy that he hugs, kisses, and plays with them. 
I'm thankful that he's their dad 
because really no one could do a better job at being their dad! 
So much to be thankful for in this man! 
I'm glad God blessed us with him! 

We love you! 

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