Thursday, July 31, 2014

6 months

Yesterday Sutton turned 6 months old!
How does time fly by so fast? 
I just don't want to blink because then she'll be one!
I kind of went picture crazy, 
but we'll just pretend everybody loves her as much as me
and that you all are okay with it! ;)

18lbs/9oz and 25 inches long. 
I'm not surprised that she weighs as much as she does.
She's chunky and is hard to carry around, but I'll do it anyway because I love her!

Being held. Having something in her mouth always. Rolling onto her belly.
Trying to sit up by herself. 
Her stuffed minnie mouse (which I'm pretty sure was her sisters).
Bath time! She gets so happy and practically gives me a bath while I bathe her. 
Laughing and smiling. Her siblings. Mommy and daddy, of course! 

Sleeping through the night. Being put down. She's mostly happy though! 

How's she eating? 
I would say nurses about every 4 hours for maybe twenty minutes.
She wakes up at night to nurse, but not for long. 
We've given her some solid food mashed up twice.
We're doing baby led weaning, 
so she's had mashed up banana, avocado and some apple sauce. 
She's eaten very little of it. Gotten a bit in her mouth, 
made funny faces and pushed it right back out.
We will keep on offering it to her and probably try a sippy cup within the next month or so.
I don't want to push too quickly because she's my baby! 

How's she sleeping? 
Sleeping through the night just doesn't happen. 
It's been rough on all of us!
It's been about a month of waking up a few times a night.
I know it's probably just a growth spurt + pattern. 
Going to try and work on this too!
We've moved her to her pack'n play from her swing, so that may be part of it to.
The swing stopped swinging and she was really just too chunky anyway! 
Whenever she'd sleep in bed with us she just wasn't sleeping that well.
So pack'n play it is! 

Other things:
The girl wants to crawl! 
She moves backwards, so she definitely gets around. 
I can tell she wants to crawl because she kicks her feet like crazy,
 like why aren't these working?
She also kicks her feet when she's excited. It's adorable.
She also likes her feet. Holding onto her toes. 
Just waiting for her to put them in her mouth.
So adorable! She still sucks her thumb often, which I am in no rush to stop either!
I figure she won't do it forever and it just calms her. 
She laughs a lot now and is smiley most of the time.
Is there anything better than a baby laughing? It's contagious, for sure! 
She's sitting up too. She tries to pull herself up when lying down, but that doesn't work yet.
She however can sit up by herself for a bit before falling down. 
I just love seeing her chunky little self sitting up. The girl has so many rolls! 

...And just for fun let's do a  little comparison of my babies!

Can't tell they are related at all, can ya? 
Seriously, makes my heart ache seeing them all so little.
Wish it lasted a bit longer. They are were so cute! 

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