Friday, August 1, 2014

Why Whole30 Was Good For My Marriage

As many of you know my husband and I completed our first Whole30 on Monday.
There were many good changes that happened because of sticking with the Whole30 plan.
You can read it all including meal plans if you click Whole30.
In summary we lost weight, didn't feel as tired or sick, and just felt better.
Want to know the biggest change for me though? My mood changed!
That's why Whole30 was such a big deal to me and why it was good for my marriage.

I'm going to be as honest as I can in the post. 
I don't write a ton about marriage on here because it's something that is pretty private,
but I want to share my experience and maybe in doing that it will help someone else. 
In order to explain how and why Whole30 was good for my marriage 
and how it changed my mood, I really have to express how things were. 
Marriage isn't easy. Anyone who tells you different, well they aren't being honest.
It takes work. It takes communicating. It takes kindness, grace, forgiveness. 

I struggled with these things and had no idea why. I was moody pretty much 24/7. 
I would blow up and get pretty darn angry, without really knowing why or how to stop it.
I threw things (not at people) and wanted to punch things. 
I yelled a lot and often wanted to run away. 
I didn't want to be touched or even talked to sometimes. 
I was irritable constantly and sometimes I'd start to cry and hyperventilate because of it. 
I would get upset with my husband for little things 
and they'd end up turning into something bigger.
When we fought I'd feel waves of depression hit me,
 thinking, "we aren't going to survive this!" 
I was a mess and it all was feeling pretty dang miserable! 

Flash forward to doing the Whole30 challenge! 
The first week I was cranky because taking away food that you're used to and love, is hard! 
My husband even told me I wasn't being nice. 
However, as the weeks wore on my mood changed. 
It's like I did a complete 180 when it came to my moodiness and irritability. 
I didn't find myself getting as angry or blowing up. 
Instead I was much better at talking to my husband about things that were upsetting me. 
I yelled a lot less and my desire to run away lessened 
(Hello, 3 kids 3 and under! sometimes I still wanna run ;)!
I didn't push my husband away or not want anyone talking to me. 
We rarely fought and I rarely cried. 
The thought that we weren't going to survive was completely gone 
and depression wasn't really sticking around!
I felt no desire to fight with my husband, whereas before I didn't feel like I could help it.
I honestly didn't feel like I could help any of how I was feeling before the Whole30. 

Needless to say my husband and I were both very surprised about this. 
It was the biggest change for us and made our marriage so much better! 
We laughed and joked around more. 
We enjoyed each other more. 
I felt more in love with him and he felt like I loved him more.
I felt like it was how marriage was supposed to feel. 
It was just such a good thing for us! 

We both knew that this was something we wanted to continue. 
We wanted my mood to always be more pleasant. =)
We wanted marriage to feel this way more so than miserable. 
Of course, we know that sometimes it will be hard. 
Marriage comes with ups and downs, 
but because of my mood it had been more down than anything! 
Neither of us realized that food was a big problem for me. 
I mean, we knew that I was an emotional eater, but didn't realize what it did to my mood! 
I was so shocked that the food I was eating could cause so much moodiness and anger! 
Because of this we've decided that eating the Whole30 way is super important to us. 
It's how we will eat a majority of the time.
However, I have wanted to see what food was causing me to be so unhappy. 
As part of the Whole30 you're suppose to reintroduce food to see how it affects you.
Well, the past two days I've tried a few things. 
I tried some milk and it just made me not feel great. 
Then I also had some sugar. 
Yesterday I had three chocolate chip cookies (that contained soy) 
and I have to tell you I was not the nicest person! 
I was moody, irritable, and cranky. 
I couldn't help it and went to bed in a bad mood, 
feeling horrible for how I was treating my husband. 
Needless to say husband said, "No more sugar for you!" Ha ha. 

I was really surprised that sugar affected me this way.
(Hey, it might even be the soy that was affecting me - need to check this out).
Now, will I never ever not have sugar again? No!
I like sugar and it's in everything, but it will be very, very limited. 
I may enjoy some ice cream every once in a while because I love it, 
but eating sugar and being a jerk to my husband is not worth it whatsoever! 

Do you struggle with moodiness and irritability? 
Do you feel depressed and like you have no control over your emotions?
Are you feeling miserable in your relationship or in relationships in general?
Maybe it has more to do with what you are eating, than anything else! 
I encourage you to try out this Whole30 thing. 
It can change your life in so many ways and 
maybe it's just what you need in order to do so! 
I am so glad that I did this challenge, not only because of losing weight,
but mostly because it helped my marriage so much! 
Please let me know if I can help you in any way. 
Feel free to reach out to me. I'll help in anyway I can or just lend an ear! 


  1. Thanks for your honesty!!! I know that took a lot of courage. I absolutely have struggled with moodiness- {Not saying I don't anymore but I've been more intentional about being conscious to change it} I did a 21 day sugar detox once and It totally opened my eyes to the way sugar affects us. I've slid back into eating "normal" but I've definitely been thinking about a plan to get my eating back on track for good. I dont want to rush into anything because I know myself and that wouldn't last... thankful for you sharing your experience!

  2. Isn't it so interesting that sugar may have been causing the moodiness, and then when you felt down, you went for more sugar, which probably made it worse. How crazy is food?!?! I also would have never thought it could affect so much - it's incredible! I had previously been doing really well eating - lots of fruits and veggies, lean meat, etc., but now that we are moving and I am not cooking at home any more, we've been eating out a lot more. So far I feel fine, but I know that this is not how I want to always live my life! My challenge right now is figuring out how I can eat healthy, while being in a state of transition - which doesn't stop once we land in the US, we'll have at least a month to three months of not having our things and improvising how we can. It'll be interesting! If you have any tips for being conscious about eating well out of the house, let me know. I'd love the advice and encouragement! :D


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