Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hello! I turned 19 months the other day! 
Really, the only thing anyone can say about me is SASSY, SASSY, SASSY! 
I think just writing that word is stressing mama out because she knows what it means. 
I'm definitely becoming less and less baby and more and more toddler. 
I pretty much have my opinion about everything and want everything to go my way. 
I hate bath time for some reason, even though I used to love it so much. 
Whenever mama asks if I want a bath I say, "No!" 
I know that sometimes I have to have a bath, 
but there's still a whole lot of screaming when I'm in the tub and sometimes I try to escape.
My favorite thing to say is, "No!" 
Anytime you ask me a question assume that's the word that's going to leave my mouth.
I'm also all about throwing things. 
Whenever I'm done with my sippy cup, I throw it across the room. 
Whenever I'm done with my food I throw my plate on the floor. 
I think it's about the funniest thing ever and giggle. 
Mom seems very frustrated when I do this, which I also find funny. 
I pretty much find it hilarious not to listen. 
I laugh when I get into trouble and still continue to do what I got into trouble for. 
I say I don't want spankings, but I sure don't act like it! 
I also enjoy screaming. Especially in the car. 
Especially if daddy goes into a store and doesn't take me with him.
I scream so loud and don't stop until daddy comes back. 
I know this makes mama crazy, but I just can't help it because I am so upset. 
I just love my daddy so much.
I ask for him when I get up in the morning even though he's at work.
And at night if he doesn't kiss me goodnight I scream in my crib until he comes in. 
He has to kiss and hold me. That makes all right in my world. 
I'm saying more words, sentences and am better at conveying what I want. 
Of course, it's all full of sass! 
I hope my sass doesn't get me into too much trouble, but so far it has! 
I'm sure next month I'll be back with more sassiness. 


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