Friday, March 21, 2014

Talking with a toddler

I have two talking toddlers now. Here are some things they've been saying! 
Enjoy, if that's your sort of thing! ;) 

Mom: "Braden, you need to stop being so bossy. It's not nice."
Braden: "You don't say that mom!"

As I was nursing Sutton in the car
Braden: "I want to see baby Sutton."
Mom: Shows him.
Braden: "I want to hold baby Sutton."
Mom: "You can't hold her in the car."
Braden: Gets upset.
He sure loves her!

As were driving in the car
Braden: "Mom, baby Sutton is cute!"
Mom: "Oh, she is?"
Braden: "Yes, baby Sutton is cute!"

At a different time...
Braden: "Baby Sutton is cute! Maeva is cute!"
Mom: "Oh yeah. Is Braden cute?"
Braden: "Yes, Braden is cute. Mom is cute! Dad is cute!"

A bit before nap time.
Braden: "Mom, I'm ready for nap time."
Goes into his room and shuts the door, to play with his trains.
Nap time = alone time for him to play with his trains.

A different time, where he goes in his room to play with toys.
Braden: Shuts the door.
Mom: Walks in. "What are you doing?"
Braden: "Get out!"
Mom: "Braden you don't say that to mom.
That's not nice. You say, Mom, I want some alone time please."
Braden: "Alone time please."

Mom: Knocks on the door. "Can I come in?"
Braden: "No!"
Mom: "Too bad, I'm coming in."

While allowing him to have the iPad for 30 mins,
and giving him warnings about how much time he has left.
Mom: "Okay Braden you have 10 minutes left."
Braden: "Okay mom."
Mom: "Braden you have 5 minutes left."
Braden: "Okay mom."
Mom: "Braden you have 3 minutes left."
Braden: "Just take it away mom!"

While playing with Maeva
Braden: "I love you Mae! Give me a kiss Mae! Come see me Mae!"
Pretty much a run on sentence about how much he loves his sister!

As baby Sutton starts crying.
Braden: "Oh! Go get her!"
Mom: "Okay, I will."
Braden: "I want to see her. Can I see her?"
Mom: "Sure. Come on."
Braden: Sees her. "I want to hold her!"
Mom: "Okay, but you have to sit down to hold her."
Braden: Sits down and holds his hands up like he going to catch a tiny ball.
Mom: Places Sutton in his lap
Braden: "Hi baby Sutton." Puts his lips close to her ear and starts shhhhing her. :)

As Maeva is screaming her head off in the car
Braden: Turns to her and asks, "Why Mae? Why?"
I second the question! That girl has some lungs!

When seeing some play sets as we were driving in the car
Braden: "Look at all those slides!"
Mom: "I see them. They are nice."
Braden: "Mommy, daddies going to build a play set for YOU!"
Mom: "No, he's going to build it for you."
Braden: "Yes, he's going to build the play set for YOU!"

Mae is starting to talk a lot as well. I didn't expect her to be talking as much. 
She's definitely talking a lot more than Braden was at her age, 
but she's learning from him! 

Mom: "Do you want a spanking?" 
Mae: Looks at me, all cute, "No." 

As I was putting her in her crib the other night
Mae: "I want dada." 
And she does, every single night... he has to kiss her goodnight or she screams until he does.

Mom: "Do you want to take a bath?" 
Mae: "No." 

As we are going through the drive-thru at Starbucks
Mom: Placing order and saying thank you after I order.
Mae: "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." 
It's about the cutest thing ever. 

I'm sure she's saying more, but I need to keep better track of her words and sentences. 
I love watching toddlers grow, learn to talk, and say funny things! 
I can't help but smile, except at the word "no" of course! 


  1. Love the talking (ie. mouthy) toddlers. Jane likes to shout at me in an angry voice, "mama, you don't spank people, it's not nice!" Or whatever I'm doing that she They are crazy cute.


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