Friday, December 27, 2013


I turned 16 months old the other day. 
I'm definitely acting like a toddler now, 
but most days my parents think I'm a teenager 
I cry, I scream, I throw things. 
I hit and throw myself on the floor. 
My parents really don't know how to handle it 
and I can tell I'm driving them a bit nuts.
I just don't know how to handle my emotions!
It would sure help if I could talk more!
Good thing I'm cute, that's all I gotta say. 
I'm pretty sure that helps me out a lot. ;)
I do talk some… and am learning more words as time goes on. 
I say, "all done" now, usually right after mom puts my food in front of me. 
I also say book and goodbye. 
I try to say grandma because well, I just love my grandmas. 
It isn't coming out quite right yet, but I am trying. 
I finally conquered the stairs the other day. 
I could go up them, but was really terrified of going down them.
Daddy would try to hold my hand, but I'd hold onto the railing for dear life. 
I guess it was a sight to see because mom just laughed. 
I'm a climber though, especially on the table. 
It is so fun being up there and I'm not sure why others don't like it! 
I'm also not sure why anyone else needs mama, but me. 
Why does brother need to sit on her? Why does dad need to hug her? 
I don't like that very much… she's all mine! 
Speaking of that did you know I'm having a baby sister in a little over a month. 
People keep on talking about how I'll have to share mom even more. 
What does that even mean? I'm unsure.
But I'll be 17 months old by then, so maybe I'll understand and be able to handle it. 



  1. Cute! :)

    I'll be praying for a ready heart to share mom for Maeva!

  2. You know Maevy, Jane talks a lot, but she still has crazy emotions just like you. Talking doesn't always fix things for a toddler {unfortunately}. And you girls, you just need to slow down on the emotional rollercoasters please...there is enough time for that. Please give us mamas a chance. And be oh, so, careful in your climbing! My Jane is an addict and has about twenty bruises from head-to-toe...not to mention, probably a mild concussion. Us mamas are so worried about you girlies, just calm yourselves please. And girl, you better get ready to help that mama! You know you have to take care of that sweet sister God has given you! I would like to say that Jane can teach you, but she's a little rough on brother. Sometimes though, just sometimes, she surprises me with sweetness and tender-heartedness. So fun watching you kiddos grow. Love, Jess

  3. These are so cute! She is GORGEOUS!!!


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