Monday, December 30, 2013

Talking with a toddler

When he is wanting food or a drink:
Braden: "What you want mommy? You want a granola bar?"
Mom:"Do YOU want a granola bar?"

"I want to play sis."
"That's my sis."
He loves her so much.

Braden: "She wants peanut butter and jelly."
              "She wants juice."
              "She wants to see daddy."
When really he means that he wants those things. Thinks he's pulling one on me!

When potty training
"Yay! I went in the potty, I can get up!"
"Yay! I went in the potty! Good job!"

Mom: "Braden, I'm not happy that you had an accident."
Braden: "You freaking out!"

On the way to the OB
Braden: "Want to watch a Christmas movie."
Mom: "Maybe later. We're going to the doctor right now."
Braden: "Going to the doctor?"
Mom: "Yes, to talk about your baby sister."
Braden: "No."
Mom: "Yes, you're going to have a new baby sister soon."
Braden: "No."

Whenever he wants something.
"Mommy, I need a snack."
"Mommy, I need to watch power trains."
Cracks me up!

When I tell him it's nap time (quiet time for him) he responds by saying
"Okay Mommy, I play with toys."
Some times he even walks in his room and closes the door.
So much better than the screaming/crying/kicking her used to do!

At night when putting him to bed and saying goodnight, he says
"Okay Mommy, goodbye."

It's fun having a talking toddler most of the time except when he starts telling me "no no no"

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  1. Aww. What a sweetie! Do you feel like he's getting a bit easier now? I hope so, for your sake. ;)
    Love that he will just go in his room for quiet time, that's awesome!


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