Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Story: Part 5

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So, we got engaged in March and set the date for August 7th
(speaking of which, check out this post from our most recent Anniversary).

Our engagement flew by with lots of wedding planning, baby planning, and life planning. 
We saw each other every single day and evening. 
We did marriage counseling. 
We found our first apartment. 
It wasn't always easy, but it was the way it was suppose to be. 
We each grew in our own ways and we grew in our relationship. 

Then, we got married. And really, it was a beautiful day. 
Promising, in front of friends and family, 
in front of God that'd we love each other forever. 

The first three months of being married went by quickly.
We fell more in love and didn't take a single moment for granted.
We had many late nights of watching LOST and just being together.
We moved from our super tiny apartment (thanks to it flooding) to a bigger one.
Then, our first baby arrived and we were changed once again.

^^^ Braden. Gosh, so little! ^^^

Really, these glimpses into our story is just the beginning. 
Our story it really never ends. 
There have been good times and hard times.
There have been ups and downs.
There's been more babies...

^^^ A little bitty Mavey ^^^
It really will never end. 
There will always be more our life, our love to share. 

Hope you've enjoyed getting to hear a bit about how we came to be! 

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