Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our Story: Part 1

I'm hesitant to write the words, hesitant to share how we came to be.
I'm afraid of judgement even though I know God is the only one who has the right.
So, I'll write regardless of how I feel and rely on His truth.

I was still away at college when James and I met.
We didn't meet in a normal way even though it was online,
it still wasn't normal in that way.
We met through Facebook. We had some friends in common.
We lived in the same town, went to the same junior high,
but don't ever remember meeting.
We joke about this sometimes...
Saying that God probably made it that way for a reason.
He wouldn't have liked me because I was too emotional.
And I wouldn't have liked him because he would have annoyed me. Ha ;)

Now, let me tell you...
That normally I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know,
Much less a GUY I don't know, but James had started off talking to me about God.
He had read I had written about God and it has resonated in him.
Definitely different than a lot of guys I had known.

I still had a month or so left of college when we started talking.
During that time we talked a lot on Facebook.
He mentioned that we should get together sometime and go to the movies.
He made sure to clarify it would be just as friends.
I really should ask him about that.
I'm not sure if he actually meant that...
Or was telling me that because he didn't want me thinking he was crazy
(which I have told him a time or two ;).

^^^ Our first picture together in 2009. Just babies^^^

I hadn't been home from college that long when we decided to get together.
I was so nervous. I wasn't sure if it was a date. I had never met this person before.
Not to mention at the end of college I promised myself I was done with guys.
To say I was terrified of getting hurt by the opposite sex was an understatement.
But I wasn't so nervous that it felt like I shouldn't meet him.
I didn't really think he was crazy or anything.

So, I drove to the movie theater and sat outside waiting for him.
I was so nervous I was shaking, but then I saw him walking towards me.
I got up and started walking towards him
(this is the part of the story where he always tells me I had a glow around me -ha)
and as I got closer I caught myself thinking,
"He's really good looking, way more good looking than Facebook implies." :)

We introduced ourselves, shook hands, and went on our first non-date.
Come back next week to read more about that night...
Which includes awkward conversations and an airplane ride.

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  1. Aw fun! I don't think meeting on Facebook is all that uncommon these days anymore. Maybe in 2009 it was though... ;)


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