Friday, April 19, 2013


I've been really bad at blog reading + commenting lately.
There's just so many other things to do, plus I just haven't felt like being on the internet much. 

I thought I'd share what is currently going on in life. 
I always like these sort of posts =)

Gilmore Girls.
Also, the second season of Switched at Birth! I was so happy to see that on Netflix!

Thinking About
The world and how painful it can be. My heart is aching for Boston and Texas. 
It breaks my heart just like it breaks Gods. It's suppose to, but gosh sometimes I wish it didn't hurt SO bad. 

Listening To
A lot of Klove and Christian stations on Pandora.
I just need to be lifted up a lot lately. 

Excited About
So much, really!
My blog changing in less than a month.
Working with World Market on some things. 
My Better Life Bag coming at the beginning of May.
The fact that we can start looking into buying a home!!!

I just finished reading The Chance by Karen Kingsbury. So good. 
I need to decide what to read next.

Watching my kids together. They love each other so much.
The It Works Wraps and the fact that I actually am feeling smaller (some days, anyway).
Coffee. Always coffee. 

Looking Forward To
Looking at homes. Seriously so excited about this. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited!
The  weather getting nicer (it won't last, but still). 
Pretty much everything I listed under "Exited about." 

Happy Friday, Friends! 


  1. LOVE me some Phil Wickham Pandora! And also I am SO excited you just said switched at Birth is on netflix.. been waiting for them to add the second season!!

  2. We have the same taste in entertainment! Gilmore Girls and Switched at Birth are some of the best!!! And Karen Kingsbury is my #1 favorite!!! I'm working my way through her list of books right now, but I think we already talked about this once haha.

  3. I feel the same way... Sometimes you wish you just didn't care when terrible things happen. Seems like it would be easier. Completely inhuman and unemotional, but easier...

    Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  4. I love posts like this too! So great getting to know more little tidbits about fellow bloggers. That is so exciting that you are going to be looking into buying s home, it is such an awesome experience.

  5. I am going to "Ditto" much of this list! I'm excited to see the outcome of your blog redesign & home purchase, too! ;-)

  6. thats crazy. i've started watching switched at birth. and i have the chance to read in my pile!


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