Thursday, August 22, 2013

Saying "I DO" again!

Our anniversary was on August 7th. We've been married for three years. 
This year we decided to say our vows in the Catholic Church,
since we didn't get married in the church before.
I think it was a good reminder to us both, about what marriage really is. 
We're to love God and love each other. 
Those are the most important things in marriage. 
I know I need that reminder a lot because I'm not always good at loving. 

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from that day. 
The one above is clearly from the ceremony, which was super simple. 
We dressed nicely and had a very small amount of family there. 
That was about it. Most of my favorite pictures are after the actual ceremony. 

Enjoy! =)

I love having pictures of special moments in our lives. 
They are super important to me and I'm thankful for a husband who goes along with it even if it's not something he exactly loves! ;)

Pictures taken by Songbird Photography.


  1. Aww! These are so sweet, Kassie!! That's awesome. And, how nice that you could be surrounded by family on such a special day. You look beautiful!

  2. These are awesome photos! What great memories!

  3. Beautiful pictures that capture your joy! James must really "Light your fire" by the looks of that very romantic kiss picture...very sweet!


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