Tuesday, August 20, 2013

12 months + a party!

Today is my birthday! I'm a whole year old!
That seems like a long time to me, but everybody keeps on talking about how time goes so quickly.
One day, maybe I'll understand that!
Do you know that I am walking!?!?!
It's pretty fun and I'm pretty proud of myself.
The most steps I've taken are 7, but I'm working on it.
I'm not always good at balancing, but I will keep on trying.
My bottom is a little sore from all the falling, but that ain't gonna keep me down!
Other new things? I say a few words.
I say, "Uh oh" usually after I lose my balance.
I also say, "car".  I seem to think everything I hold is a car.
Mom and dad say I learned that word from my brother!
I guess I'll probably learn lots from him!
I really like to play.
I got lots of new toys for my birthday.
I'm really a fan of dancing Mickey and my little grocery register.
I like blocks too!
I'm still screaming a lot.
I guess I'm emotional or something? That's what everyone keeps on saying.
Maybe I'll get over that or maybe I won't.
I know my parents are hoping for it!
Okay, that's all for now...
I guess I'm off to take a birthday nap? Is that suppose to be special?
Doesn't sound different than any other nap I hate!


Look at how I've grown! 

^^^Super bummed I couldn't find a collage option for all the numbers to show up^^^

We celebrated this girl's birthday with some family and friends on Sunday. 
Here are some pictures! 

^^^ Birthday outfit from my mom^^^

^^^ A picture with one set of her great grandparents!
 Should have gotten a picture with the other set!^^^

^^^ Lots of gifts with lots of people^^^

^^^ Refused to eat it without a spoon^^^

Not perfect pictures and I'm really kicking myself that we didn't get a whole family photo! 
Maybe I need to redress her in her cute outfit just to take one! 
It was fun to celebrate our baby girl, who is no longer a baby, but a toddler!
Oh goodness, two toddlers! Life is crazy, but I love it!

Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. She is the CUTEST! How is it that a year has already flown by?! Happy Birthday sweet Maeva!


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