Wednesday, December 12, 2012

God, Family, and Blogging

I've been struggling with blogging lately. 
I used to blog almost daily, but then I had a newborn + a toddler.
Most of the time it just wasn't possible.
There have been times when I've really missed blogging,
But other times when I've seriously thought about giving it up. 

A while ago I wrote about being addicted to the internet 
And how I feel felt like it took away from things.
I felt like it took away from my time with God, 
focusing on my children and husband, and the apartment. 
That's what the internet does and I feel like for me, it always will be an issue. 
Later I wrote about being on the computer less and I was.
Was I perfect? No. Was I where I wanted to be? No. But it was better.
That's why I've thought about giving up blogging + the guilt.

Part of me feels like I've abandoned my blog & blogging friends.
I don't post as often as I would like or as much as I feel I should. 
I rarely get to read other blogs and if I do, I rarely have time to leave comments.
I hardly ever respond to comments left on my blog. I feel so bad about that!

I tell myself I'll get better, I want to get better!
There never seems to be enough time or coffee! ;) 
I struggle with these feelings, but I also know that life isn't about blogging. 
Life is about living for God and doing what He places on my heart to do. 
There's a lot to learn from God and I am trying to get back to a good place with Him.
Life is about Him and my family.
That's what I'm trying to focus on.

All this to say I'm sorry I haven't been around much.
I'm sorry I don't post often or read your blogs the way I have before!
Gosh, I sure miss reading blogs!
I'm sorry for not commenting or responding to your nice words.
Please know they mean much and warm my heart! They make my day!


  1. Just do what you have to do!
    I've been considering a break too, as I've been disappointed by something re: blogging that meant a lot to me. So we'll see where I'm led.
    I wish you the best Kassie!

  2. I love that picture of your babies!! too precious. Do what The Mrs. says and give yourself grace!


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