Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A review + a discount code!

Today I'm excited to do my very first review! 
Paige from Eloping Designs sent me this sweet bracelet that I am excited to share with you!

In her shop Paige has these little bracelets for $8.00. I chose the word "Dream" because that's what I am going for right now. I'm starting my own photography business and chose this word to remind myself that my dreams are important and I can do what I set my heart on! 

There are words for whatever you need to remind yourself of on a daily basis. 
Need to remind yourself to be more loving? Chose that bracelet. 
Need to remind yourself to believe in yourself? Chose the "Believe" bracelet. 
Need to be reminded that there is hope in the world? There's always a bracelet for that. 

These bracelets also come in different colors- black, orange, green, purple, pink, blue, white, navy, tan, yellow. 

This bracelet is the perfect piece to add to my jewelry collection. 
Paige did a great job making this bracelet - it's sturdy and well made. 
It is also adjustable and I especially like the clasp because it isn't cheap and I know it won't break.

I also love the fact that you can wear it with other bracelets! 
It is definitely a great bracelet to add to any arm party. 
And I'm sure any girl or woman would love to have one! 
These would make great stocking stuffers or even great gifts for co-workers.
They are cute, inspiring, and well priced! 
So, if you need a nice, affordable, small gift for someone, go check them out! 

Be sure to use the discount code "HappyHolidays" when you check out and you will get free shipping on your order! Also, let Paige know I sent you by placing my name, Kassie Rew, in the notes to seller! 


  1. Oh thanks for the review! I love the bracelet with your other bracelets! It looks great!

    1. You're welcome, but really I should be thanking you! =)


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