Friday, June 29, 2012

Toddler Basketball

These past fews days as a mom have been a bit of a struggle for me.
I'm doing good in some areas, losing it in others. That's how it goes sometimes, I guess.
I think its being pregnant, but his fussing has been driving me a little nutty. 
I find myself snapping and getting easily frustrated. 
I know I shouldn't get upset with him and say, "Stop fussing! I can't do it today!" because well, he is only 19 months old. I get mad at myself after I do this because its not loving, but I just lose it.

Any suggestions? 

I'm trying to be a better mom. Trying to figure out what he enjoys doing and do those things. 
He likes to read, play with his cars, and splash in the tub. 
Oh, and wrestle, but that hurts, so I leave that to daddy! 
We do those things sometimes, but I want to do other things as well. 
So, today I tried something new. 
I took a box we had laying around, cut the bottom out, and taped it to the wall!
Basket ball! 

I think he liked it. For a whole 10 minutes anyway. 
I'm trying to be more creative because sometimes I just don't know what to do.
I feel like a lot of the time he rather play by himself 
or his idea of playing is crawling all over me like I'm a jungle gym 
and at almost 32 weeks pregnant, that is not enjoyable to me or his baby sister! 

What do you do with your toddler? I need more ideas for my 19 month old! 


  1. We got a Little Tikes slide for inside, and our boys love it! Also, balloons are a big hit. Bubbles are good too. They love their toy computers too!

    1. We've been thinking about a slide for inside. We should probably look into a toy computer as well.
      Braden loves balloons and bubbles - he gets soooo excited about those things!

  2. I don't want to sound, oh I'm have all the answers, but whining DRIVES ME BONKERS!!!!! Bonkers. So we do "self control". When my olderest (she's 21 months) started to whine, I get down at her eye level and tell her she is not goign to whine adn she needs to tell me what she wants. I tell her I can't understand that. When she is crying at acting like, well, I 1 year old, I tell her to get some self control and to stop crying. I breath iwth her and we regroup and she can tell me what she wants. It really works when I'm good aobut doing that.

    For activities:
    I recently did an activity swap with some ladies at church. We had 28 activities and they are awesome! Most of them are way over my oldest head but we are hanging onto them. Things that are super fun for my girl:
    lacing noodles: A string, and the rotelle noodles.
    pom poms and plastic cups or an ice tray. BIG HIT
    beads. Anything with beads.
    painting. I recently did acrylic paint with paper on the high chair. Our chair is all plastic so it was super easy to clean up. But I think that i'll be hitting up the dollar store for better (and less expensive paint!).
    oh, this is super easy: take a mixing bowl and use noodles, rice, beans, or any other item like that (that is not cooked) and put it in the bowl. Give them all sorts of measuring cups, spoons, colanders, etc. HOURS.
    Coloring. Stickers.
    Sprinkler outside.
    You can always get on pinterest and search "activity bags" to get more ideas!! Good luck! And don't worry, that babe is almost done cooking and it will be easier!!

    1. Thank you! =) I'm on pinterest searching a lot for activities for him. I shall try the mixing bowl thing soon!

      P.S. Whining is driving me bonkers today! I just want to lock myself in my room!

  3. cute idea! ok so I am not even gonna last few weeks of pregnancy we watched A LOT of t.v. but hey it mostly educational right? growing a baby and taking care of a sweet boy...your doing just fine ... lol! hi into that? I let my son ( with me sitting right by him) fill the sink with water and play with toys...he loves loves loves that...repeat...never = water everywhere...haha. ( not that I know from experience or anything ...haha)

    memory the game...easy to sit down and play

    glow sticks in the tub...I saw that on pinterest! My kiddos loved it!! careful they don't try to bite them ( again not that I know from

    p.s whining is like nails on a chalkboard...! I think it is a boy thing ;)


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