Saturday, June 30, 2012

Psst....over here + giveaway winner!

I'm blogging over at Race Towards Joy today about my fear of being a mom of two! 
Head on over to read my post and check out sweet Sarah's blog!
I love her because she is so encouraging and always has a word of God to share! 
Seriously, you want to read her blog! 

And the winner of my 100 blog giveaway is.... Christine from An Unordinary Hello! Congrats!

I will be contacting you real soon! Thanks so much for supporting my blog!


  1. i just read your post on sarah's blog. i'm pregnant with my 2nd. having a girl. and i have a toddler too. he's 21 months. our lives seem pretty similar :) i feel excited and nervous at the same time for this girl to be born so i can really relate with what youre writing. blessings! following you NOW !! :)

    xo esther


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