Monday, July 2, 2012

3D Ultrasound

We had our 3D ultrasound on Saturday. 
We never did one with Braden, so we were very excited to do one with Maeva. 
We got to spend over at hour watching sweet Maeva. Here are a few of the shots.

She smiled some and made some other great facial expressions.
She really loved having her hands covering her face and even had her feet and hands by her face!
It was quite entertaining and we  laughed a lot. 
She definitely has chubby cheeks and we think she's going to look a lot like her brother! =)
We are already excited that she will be here (7 weeks left!),
but this definitely made us more excited! 
Can't wait to see you sweet baby girl! 

We also had some maternity/family pics taken by a friend yesterday. I'm pretty excited about them. Looking forward to sharing those with you as well! 


  1. Sweet!!! she looks so adorable!

  2. Wow! That is amazing. What a miracle babies are!! I love her cheeks!!

    1. Babies, definitely are a miracle! Glad God is blessing us with another one! =)
      I can't wait to kiss her cheeks!


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