Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Braden's First Day of Preschool

Well, it's official, my baby boy is in preschool!
Isn't it weird being a mom? I'm all like, "how am I old enough for this?"
Sometimes (or maybe many times) I don't feel old enough
to be doing this whole adult thing,
but here I am and we're all alive and he made it to his first day!

He's been pretty excited about school for a while now. 
I think it definitely helps that I've left him when others while I've done Bible study. 
I'm not sure he would have been as thrilled if I've never left him. 
Whenever I would ask him if he was excited about school his eyes would get really big
and he would say, "YES! I'm going to play with toys!" 
Apparently, we just don't have enough toys at home and that's all school is about. 
Definitely going to be a bit of an eye opener for him, but of course, that will be good!

I took him school supply shopping last week, 
which included picking out this new "spiderman" shirt 
and he got these shoes when he was with daddy. 
They too, are spiderman and make him run so fast!
His great grandma got him the backpack, which I think started off the whole spiderman theme. 

Can't you tell how excited he was?
Maeva, of course, thought she was going and it about broke her heart. 
No worries my dear... you are going somewhere next year! HA.

This photo about kills me. 
If there ever was a picture where he looked like his daddy... THIS is it! 
He's so much like his daddy it isn't even funny (I LOVE THAT).

"I'm so excited about school!" 
"It's gonna be fun!" 
"It's gonna be a great day!" 
So glad that he was thrilled about it. That was until we got there...

He was very excited as we were driving to school and walking up to the front. 
Then I think all the people and him realizing I wasn't staying freaked him out a bit. 
He stayed closing to me, holding my hand, and hugging me lots. 
I could tell he wasn't sure about staying, especially when he tried to get out of a line 
and was standing there all tense with his shoulders hunched. 
I hugged him, told him it'd be fun, said I'd see him later and watched him go. 
Left me with my stomach in knots knowing he was nervous 
because of course I wish I could have been there besides him, 
but it's good for him to venture out on his own and it's good for me too!
I knew it would change soon enough and he'd be more than happy to leave me! 

So, the couple hours passed and I was nervous the whole time;
hoping and praying that he was having fun and obeying, that he would want to go back tomorrow.
As I pulled up to pick him up I saw him notice the car and point. 
He was excited to see me and I was relieved he had a good day. 
His teacher said he had a first great day and when I asked him what he did at school, 
he responded with, "I don't know!" That starts so early, doesn't it? 
I nudged him some more. Did you go to music class? Did you play outside? Did you have a snack?
Yes, they played outside and had music. He played with fire trucks and blocks.
He had chocolate milk and crackers. He made some friends and he wants to go back! 
All in all I would say it was a great first day and I look forward to seeing what the year holds!
I know we're all going to grow so much!

^^^ My favorite picture from today!^^^

I love you Braden. 
It's going to be a great year for you! 
I can't wait to see you grow and learn. 
I know it's going to be amazing!

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