Friday, September 11, 2015

Pete Scobell Band + Walkin A Wire CD Giveaway

I grew up listening to country music 
and even though my music taste has changed as I've grown, 
I always come back to country music every now and then. 
To me, often country music is raw and real. 
There are certain songs where you truly feel as if you are right there along side the person singing, 
songs where you feel their pain and can relate to their words and experiences. 
Hearing Pete Scobell's hit WILD is definitely one of those songs that I found myself relating to. 

He sings...
I went wild, tried to kill to kill a bottle of crown
Then I tried to wash it down with something I knew wasn't good
And I went wild screaming out my pain
On my knees all prayed out, cursing God for what he took.

Those lyrics hit close to home for me because I can relate to the pain.
I can relate to hurting so much that I kind of go crazy and drink to feel better.
I can relate to being on my knees all prayed and cried out because life was just painful.
I spent a few years that way and it gives me comfort knowing that
I'm not the only one whose struggled in that way,
not the only one who has gone wild because of the pain.

I also relate to Pete Scobell because he didn't just take his pain and carry it around. 
He was a Navy Seal who served our country for 17 years and of course, doing so 
often means carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and in your heart. 
He suffered a traumatic brain injury on one of his many tours 
and while he was seeking his doctors urged him to pick up his guitar and play. 
It's something he had done all his life and it helped bring a lot of healing. 
I love the story of how the Pete Scobell Band came from that
because writing out your pain and heartache is something I understand. 
Writing out words, prayers, and sometimes sharing them with others can make the healing come. 
It can bring healing to you and often can help others as well. 
That's why I enjoy Walkin' A Wire so much, 
because it's relatable and helped bring healing to someone who needed it. 

The Pete Scobell Band cd is available today on iTunes 
and I also have a chance for you to win a signed copy!

Along with that Pete Scobell is giving away an Orca Cooler valued at $239.99!
You can enter here for a chance to win that.
Good luck! 

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