Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mae is three

Our Maeva girl is three today. 
I can't believe how big she is and how quickly the years have flown by. 
Time really does pass by in a blink of an eye once you have kids. 
This girl, she's our wild one.
The one who loves like crazy and fights just the same.
She came out crying and screaming
and that hasn't really changed as she's grown.
She's the emotional one, who feels deeply and shows it!
She loves to smother her siblings with affection and if it doesn't done
by her standards she gets very upset about it!
Maeva, I'm so glad you have such a big heart that is willing to love!
I hope you know how much we love you!
Happy Birthday wild one!

We had a party for her a couple weekends ago, so all grandparents could attend. 
It was Hello Kitty themed because she loves the "kitty show" as she calls it. 
She thinks it's just a television show, but loves all things Hello Kitty! 
She wasn't in the mood for pictures, until I tickled her, that is! =)

Those two are such goof balls together. 
Being so silly! 
I love them! 

Siblings really are the best! 
There's no one she rather party with even if you can't read it on her face!

I didn't get a ton of pictures. 
Some of them didn't turn out 
and we were just having more fun than worrying about it. 

I really like how her cake turned out. 
She has told me months ago she wanted a Hello Kitty cake. 
I actually ended up making two at 1am because 
I was positive a bug ended up in the first one 
and I couldn't even think about someone eating a bug. 
I'm glad this one turned out the way it did and it was delicious! 

Now, Braden is counting down to his birthday and reminding me about it 
everyday until November comes around. Oye. 

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